Polygons (Jake Lazaroff) is a producer from Teaneck, New Jersey. In the shadow of the New York skyline, Jake grew up going to rock shows and teaching himself to sing. As he began going to raves, Jake was drawn to the vibrancy of the EDM scene and started creating remixes to play for his friends.

“It’s weird making music without picking up a guitar”, says Jake. Fortunately, he’s decided he doesn’t have to: Polygons’ songs weave together synthesizers, samples and live instruments to create a unique and inspiring sound. Finding influences in everything from hardcore to hip-hop to house, from Morgan Page to Saves The Day to Kanye, Polygons draws from the EDM sounds popular today as well as songs familiar to those growing up in the 90s and 00s.

On September 12th, Polygons released his debut EP. Available to listen to and download for free, the four-song release contains remixes of artists ranging from Jimmy Eat World to Drake. If you're into artists like Adventure Club or Minnesota, this is for you! Check it out here, or on SoundCloud and YouTube.